Liberty Self-Service Links

To access Lawson, click the Liberty Portal link and type in your network user ID and password. Once open, you will see additional links. Please ensure that you click logout when finished. Liberty portal is ONLY supported by Internet Explorer 7 and above.

Password Self-Service

This service allows users to enroll in the password self service program as well as change their password and/or unlock their account after they have enrolled.

Corporate E-mail

Genesis Self-Service

Healthcare Academy


Former Employee

Instructions to access your Pay Advices and W-2
  1. Click the ELECTRONIC W2 button on this page. This will open a separate tab, so you’ll be able to keep these instructions open and refer back to them as needed.
  2. The Login credentials fields should be blank. If not, please delete any content there.
  3. Below the Login fields, in ‘Authentication,’ click the dropdown menu and select the second item, ‘Former Employees.’ Don’t click the ‘ Login‘ button at this point.
  4. Below the ‘Login‘ button, click ‘Register User.’ You must register to access the information.
  5. The registration process will request the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, your last name in UPPER CASE, and your zip code from the last known address in our system. Then respond to the security code challenge and click ‘Submit.’
  6. In the next screen, enter and confirm ‘New Username.’ This should be your current email address. Click ‘Submit.’

The registration process is complete. Within 3-5 minutes you will receive an email from

When you receive the email, return here to the login process seen in Step 1 above, then login to gain access to the needed information. Remember, the email address and password you entered in Step 5 will now be your login credentials. 

Electronic W2

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